Songs for a New World, 2012


MTFM is dedicated to providing the Fargo-Moorhead area with the highest quality in Musical Theatre possible. We hold open auditions for all of our productions throughout the year.


There are no upcoming auditions at this time.


By Stephen Sondheim and Directed by David Wheeler

Music Theatre Fargo-Moorhead would like to thank everyone who came out to audition and we are excited to announce our cast.

Poster by Ande Sailer

Bobby: Craig Ellingson
Sarah: Natalie McComas
Harry: Daniel Damico
Jenny: Jessica Thompson
David: Sam Krauth
Marta: Angela Schulz
April: Kate Aarness
Kathy: Ellery Lystad
Amy: Crystal Cossette
Paul: Adam Montgomery
Susan: Sara Ervin
Peter: Steve Borgen
Joanne: Kathy Hanson
Larry: Keith Schweigert



 COMPANY SYNOPSIS: Stephen Sondheim’s Company finds Robert, a single man surrounded by married couples, on his 35th birthday. Through a series of vignettes featuring his lovers and friends, Robert tries to make sense of the institution of marriage and comes to terms with what it means to be alive.  This game-changing musical is a sophisticated and honest look at modern, adult relationships.


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